2020: A year of major change

(written 1 February 2020)

Well, these certainly are interesting and significant times we are living through at the moment with Brexit, the coronavirus and a great deal of upheaval and uncertainty generally. As well as cause for concern when we look at the outer world, many of us are dealing with stresses in a personal lives to do with work, illnesses and relationships that are under strain. The fearful and bleak mood of the times is a fair reflection of the celestial picture especially of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which points to significant change in the establishment and foundation of society. This picture is set to continue for most of the year with the force of Mars squaring the Capricorn planets in fiery Aries providing extra tension and the urge to break free from July to December.  

It is, therefore, all too easy to get anxious and worried as personal life and worldly developments both seem to be teetering towards disaster with few signs of a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a lot of breaking down politically, socially, environmentally as well as within one’s own personal and inner world. However, much that is breaking down is old and has become rigidified and sclerotic, no longer able to adapt. Life, though, inexorably moves on and the forms that once supported it have now confined it and so must be dismantled to enable new forms to be created. It these new forms, which are still being incubated and worked on, where we ought to place our focus. What is destined to be torn down cannot be saved, however what is set to take its place has still to find its final form.  

In December 2020 a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will usher in a new 200 year cycle that will bring in social and political changes that will be as significant as those that were brought in in the early to mid-nineteenth century when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions began their journey through the Earth signs. I intend to write a more extensive article on this sometime before the end of the year but suffice it say for now that we are on the threshold of a new social thinking and there are many political, corporate and social groups who are already vying for control as to what ideas and concepts will shape the future. Opinions and theories are being peddled as truths and because of the high levels of uncertainty the opinions that have managed to dominate mainstream and social media become truth through acquiring consensus. Truth by consensus is always a dangerous thing and now, more than ever, we need to be critical and truly think for ourselves even if our friends, colleagues and family have bought in to current public opinions. These opinions and concepts masquerading as truth are not just to do with politics and economics but also pertain to the big questions of life such what is love? What is the goal of life? Do we live in a purely materialistic world or do spiritual forces also exist? The more ordinary people can dismiss public opinion as just the opinions of interest groups rather than anything real and focus on their own inner wisdom, their inner authority and not the outer, the more likely it will be that the new forms which will replace the old ones will actually support the ever evolving life force rather than stifle and suppress it. Although activism and protesting certainly has its place the real force of change is deep, critical and inspired thinking. These thoughts and ideas will become society’s future so it is worth our while being actively engaged rather than passively led. The past may be dying but the future is still all to play for.