The consultations offered are interactive, enabling the client to ask questions and to explore the concerns they have, be it to do with health, career, relationships, moving home or more spiritual matters. By consulting their birth chart I provide insights into these areas and throw light on them from different vantage points so that a much wider picture can emerge.

The first part of a consultation goes into the details of the birth chart, the strengths and weaknesses, talents and struggles a person is likely to experience throughout their life. After that we will look at the year ahead but I refrain from giving concrete predictions because the future is not set in stone and while we may be pulled in various directions we still have the possibility of freedom in our actions. 

Consultation length and prices

First consultation – 1.5 hours – €115/£100

Subsequent consultations – 1 hour – €85/£75

Subsequent consultations can be a general follow up or it is possible to focus on just one topic in more detail such as


Vocation and work

Money and assets

Where to live and type of home environment


Family and children

Relationship Astrology – 1.5 hours – €140/£120

This involves looking at the relationship between two people who must both give consent to the consultation. As two natal charts and a composite chart are needed there is a lot more preparation work involved and so the price is higher. This can be useful for any relationship such parent-child, employer-employee, two friends etc as well as romantic partnership.

Referral Discount Scheme
If an existing client refers someone new for a consultation they will receive £25 off their next consultation, which as a repeat client will be just £50 instead of the standard £75.  For the discount to apply the new client has to have completed and paid for the consultation. This is an on-going scheme rather than a limited time offer.

Referral Discount Schem

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