Planetary Meditations

I will be running a regular weekly meditation evening based on the seven traditional planets over Zoom. The meditations involve working with a single planet each week in a way that helps us to understand how that particular force is operating in our soul and physical body as well as developing its higher nature in us.

We will focus on one planet for seven weeks so that we really get to grips with it before moving on to the next. We will work only with the seven traditional planets of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon in that order. The meditation cycle will therefore be 49 weeks but there will be gaps for Easter and Christmas as well as certain weeks where I have other commitments. There will be three meditations in each weekly session and some time at the end to share feedback and ask questions. 

Like anything in life the more you put in the more you get out but practically it is unrealistic that you will be able to attend all of them and that is not a problem. There are some meditations that stand alone while others build on each other over the seven weeks. However, missing one or two or even several weeks is not crucial as I can email you what you missed so you will be able to follow the progression.

Please see the details below and if you are interested  then email me at


                  Start Date: Wednesday 3rd January 2024

                  Time: 7.30pm

                  Duration: 1 hour

                  Frequency: weekly

                  Cost: Donation

                  Attendance: Zoom (the link will be emailed to you on request)

For those who are participating in the meditations and would like to make a donation please click on of the links below.