Mars and Jupiter in Aries - A call to action

We have just had the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio which was particularly challenging as the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio both formed a close T-square to Saturn in Aquarius. It has been a time of facing the many dark shadows operating in the world today. 

This is important as soon Mars will enter Aries alongside Jupiter and the fiery forces of wilfulness and self-assertion will come to the fore. Mars will be in Aries for around six weeks starting at the end of May and continuing to early July and this period could lead to the escalation of conflicts or even the beginning of new ones.  

Aries has a tendency to be impulsive, acting first and thinking later, so it is worthwhile taking a little time to understand the Aries nature before Mars makes its entrance into this sign.  

Aries is a sign that likes to get things done, it does not like to engage in long periods of self-reflection, or theorising about abstract concepts. Its main focus is to express its will in the world. An individual with an emphasis of planets in Aries will generally not be content to leave a situation as they find it but to bring something new to it and for any new element to stand a chance of changing the status quo it must be brought in with a strong force in order to overcome resistance and inertia.  

Much, therefore, is dependent on the ideas, beliefs and understanding of each individual or group. If these ideas will genuinely bring improvement to humanity then this Aries phase will be a positive one. The problem is though that we are living in an age where there is so much propaganda, deception and lies put forward in the media and by groups with hidden agendas. There are therefore many earnest and sincere people who want to make a positive difference who will take up a metaphorical, or even literal call to arms, but will unwittingly be a pawn in the schemes of more power hungry and self-serving organisations. This can be seen in most of the current culture wars, with woke and anti-woke agendas, identity politics, climate activism and nationalism.  

So before we allow ourselves to get conscripted into fighting for any cause that seems worthy on the surface we should do a little digging into the various forces that are behind it. Who is funding it? What are their ultimate goals? Have any lies been told or stories exaggerated so as to illicit public sympathy and recruit more supporters? 

It is possible that once any naiveté is dispelled cynicism can take over and enthusiasm for any positive social change is lost. When Mars enters Aries the jaded cynics amongst us may either channel the forces of will into purely self-centred causes or, if their despondency is so deep that any enthusiasm is difficult to muster, they could just use the Aries nature to get caught up in squabbles and try to shoot down the idealism and aspirations of others.  

The remedy for both the misguided idealised and the jaded cynic is in finding a way back to a source of inspiration that is both individualistic and universal. Through Aries and the head we can hear the call of our spirit most strongly. It is individual in that we each have our own spirit and yet it is also universal and transcendent as one’s inner spirit belongs to an interconnected whole. The more we shut out the noise of the world and close our eyes to all its dazzling lights the easier it is to connect to the quiet yet insistent inner voice that seeks to inspire our thoughts and to inflame our passions for nobler aspirations. To receive our inspirations from an inner calling rather than external persuasion and also from what is sacred rather than profane is the best insurance against either taking up a dubious cause or getting lost in despondency.   

Just as Aquarius signifies society and collective, Aries deals with the power of the individual. If you wanted to take on a big project such as challenging a government or multinational corporation single-handedly or building your own home from scratch all by yourself now is a good time to start. The chances of success may be just as slim as at other times but the point is not just about winning and outer achievement but about getting stuck in, about engaging in a worthwhile endeavour. It is important to remember that all good efforts originating deep within the soul will have their positive effects even if they do not meet with immediate success or fully achieve their material goals.  

It is also important to note that whether or not an endeavour is worth pursuing is entirely down to you. If attempting to climb every tree in your local park or forest has meaning for you then that is good enough, it does not have to meet the approval of those around you. When the Aries forces are strong it is generally best to adopt a live and let live approach whereby you throw yourself into something with gusto and enthusiasm and let others do likewise. The more you are engrossed in your own pursuits the less time and inclination you will have to pick petty fights with others. 

Finally, while Mars enters Aries at the end of May, Mercury remains retrograde until early June so although Mars in Aries is not known for its patience and caution it may be best to wait a week or two before committing yourself to any important endeavour as new information could come to light or you may have a change of mind while Mercury is still retrograde.  

* * *

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