The Great Conjunction in Aquarius part 2

I hope you all had as good a Christmas and New Year as it was possible to have. It is not easy for any of us to endure these difficult times which show no signs of easing up anytime soon. It is interesting to see the various responses to the current world events. People who are naturally positive and optimistic for the future say that the whole crisis is bringing many silver linings for individuals and for society as a whole as we have been forced to stop and reflect on who we are and where we are a going in life. Others who tend towards a keen observation of the darker side of life see this as just the beginning of a thirty year phase where global elites seek to bring about a great reset of humanity which will thrust us all into transhumanist slavery. Is the truth somewhere in the middle or is it that both extremes offer a valid perspective but not necessarily the whole picture? In times of crisis our natural psychological tendencies affect the way we assess our predicament and likely future outcomes much more than the facts that we come across. There is a type of positivity and negativity that is simply a defence mechanism to cope with overwhelming situations, bringing a type of comfort to the individual but insulating them from reality. However, the more we can rise above our instinctive reactionary nature and endeavour to find out the truth the better able we will be to respond appropriately in our thinking, feeling and actions.  

It is clear upon even rudimentary research that many things do not add up regarding the official line of the covid story, from the unreliability of the PCR test and all the death statistics to the serious health risks associated with wearing masks and the new experimental vaccines. Digging a bit deeper it also becomes apparent that some form of evil is at work in all this as all the lies, heavy-handedness and censorship cannot arise simply out of misguided goodwill. Thus we can say that humanity finds itself in yet another battle of good and evil and like most such battles it takes place more in the hearts and minds of the people, where it will truly be won or lost, than it does in the outer world. For the human soul to grow spiritually it must recognise, offer resistance to but then ultimately transform evil into something that can be used for the good. The first stage therefore, is to recognise the untruths and deceptions that are taking place at the moment. One such false idea is that of materialism in general but particularly that disease is caused first and foremost by material pathogens such as bacteria and viruses and that the body cannot deal with these pathogens by itself but must receive help through vaccines, drugs, masks, social distancing and in the extreme by complete isolated quarantine. Another deceptive idea is that authoritarianism and erosion of civil liberties is necessary to serve the common good. We are encouraged to forgo sovereignty for safety and are repeatedly told that going against the government’s position is selfish and puts lives at risk. The spiritual battle lies in seeing the false nature of these ideas and thoroughly rejecting them from our souls. By doing so we draw ourselves much closer to the light where we feel strengthened and supported. The greater the number of people who see through materialism and authoritarianism the more likely it is that it will all collapse as these collective thought forms are needed to sustain the external manifestation. 

This brings us to the great conjunction in Aquarius which is the sign that expresses these collective thought forms more than any other. At its best the Aquarius impulse can bring about a more humanitarian and community spirit, a sense of brotherhood among all people. However, this Aquarius spirit can also be distorted, perverted and exploited by various groups with their own agendas. For example, while slogans are being used such as ‘we are all in this together’ and ‘let’s all work together to make society safe’ etc the reality is that the lockdowns are making people increasingly isolated and starting to see all those outside their ‘bubble’ as potential viral threats rather than fellow human beings with whom a warm connection is possible. 

It is important to ensure that the air element does not get out of balance. Having a healthy earth element (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) ensures we stay grounded and rooted in innate common sense so that we are not taken in by the emperor’s new clothes and consensus opinion which can easily be manipulated.  

The water element (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) on the other hand can be highly subjective being the element of feeling and emotion. However, this feeling nature is where most of our humanity and compassion resides. So long as this water element is working well and not supressed we can feel that something is deeply wrong when the elderly are prevented to see loved ones and left to die alone. A healthy water element also has a natural ability to resonate with what is true and what is false. We get a certain feeling when we are being lied to or deceived and it is imperative that we don’t ignore or override such feelings as having less value than what the government ‘expert’ has to say.  

Finally, and in some ways most importantly, is the fire element (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). In the zodiac the fire signs always oppose the air signs. Aries opposes Libra, Leo opposes Aquarius and Sagittarius opposes Gemini. Opposite signs provide a counterpoint to each other and prevent the traits of the opposing sign from becoming excessive and out of control. While air represents human society and key ideas uniting people, fire represents individuality, freedom and expressions of will coming from the feeling of ‘I’. Ideas that are forced on people from above through coercion or propaganda can bring about a certain kind of unity and togetherness but it invariably comes at the cost of individual liberty and freedom of expression. The forces of Leo and individual sovereignty are imperative to keep in check the collectivism of Aquarius. It is not that we should resist the Aquarian impulses but rather we should ensure that the best of Aquarius is encouraged to flourish while the dangers of the worst side taking over are held back and the forces of Leo can be especially helpful in moderating Aquarian excess. In all of us there is a part that is generic, that we share with all of humanity. The majority of our basic hopes, fears and desires we have in common with everyone else. Then there is a part of us that is unique, something pertaining to our individual spirit that differentiates us from everyone else. This can be called the self or the ego. Ideally the individual part of me ought to be in harmony with the generic part of me. If the individual part of me or ego dominates I become very aware of my own path and purpose of life but I become estranged and disconnected from my fellow man which leads to egotism and profound spiritual isolation. However, if the ego is too weak or suppressed then, although I feel a strong connection with humanity and the collective human experience, I am unable to know myself, make independent decisions and stand up to the consensus opinion where necessary. During periods where Aquarius is emphasised through planetary placements, what makes us similar and unites us can dominate over what makes us unique individuals which is more from Leo. In order to not just follow the herd instinct and to develop the courage to stand alone when appropriate we need to ensure the Leo force is strong enough within while not to the extent that we lose compassion for humanity and seek to dominate others with our will.  

One final point is that this Aquarian period is not all about resisting the lies and the tyranny it is also about the creation and spreading of true ideas rooted in wisdom and genuine humanitarian ideals. These ideas and social movements can rise from the bottom up and involve a collaboration between sovereign individuals demanding responsibility but not strict conformity. With such endeavours patience is essential. We have got used to demanding results quickly and if we do not have something to show for our labours we are prone to abandon them. At this time, more than ever, the important thing is not immediate outer success but developing inner perseverance, trusting that the modest seeds you plant will bear fruit in time.


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